18W Bridgelux COB Spot Light

Material : Aluminum
Lamp Size : 100 X H105mm
Cutting : ø 90mm
L. Flux : 1600lm
CRI : >80
Input : AC220-240V 50/60 HZ0
Beam Angle : 45
Watt : 18W
Shape : Round
Colour : 3K/4K/5K/6K/3 in 1


This is an 18W round LED downlight made of aluminum with a size of 100 x H105mm and cutting of ø 90mm. It has a luminous flux of 1600lm, CRI >80, beam angle of 45, and input of AC220-240V 50/60 HZ. It is available in 3K/4K/5K/6K/3 in 1 colors.


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